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UI Contrast Tweaks

#1 FShoemaker
I understand the objective of making the UI have a neutral, receding appearance.  However, the contrast difference between the background and some of the text is too low to make the text easily readable. 

[font=Symbol]·[size=x-small][font=Times New Roman]       [/font][/size][/font]Increase the contrast of the menu bar at the top of the window.  The text is hard to read, especially on the right side of the bar.
[font=Symbol]·[size=x-small][font=Times New Roman]       [/font][/size][/font]Increase the contrast of the panel tabs starting with Render Directly...
[font=Symbol]·[size=x-small][font=Times New Roman]       [/font][/size][/font]Increase the size of the font just beneath the preview window and also increase its contrast.  Perhaps make it the same size as the text in the file list.
[font=Symbol]·[size=x-small][font=Times New Roman]       [/font][/size][/font]Consider adding a global setting for lower, medium and higher contrast settings.[size=x-small][font=Symbol][font=Times New Roman]  [/font][/font][/size]
#2 gwegner
I'm expecting users that use LRTimelapse, being somehow into image processing and having calibrated monitors. On a decent and calibrated monitor, all of those details are easily readable. So please, check your monitor configuration, contrast might be off and you might be editing your images blind flying then also.
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