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using LRT 5 Professional UNLICENSED

#1 evh515093
I recently upgraded to LRT 5 and I don't have the money at  the moment to pay for the upgrade license from LRT 4 PRO to LRT 5 PRO at the moment.    If I use it and start editing my time lapse in unlicensed;  Am I able to use all the features later once I get the license? or should I wait to start editing my time lapse once I get it licensed? Thanks
#2 MMeier
When I upgraded from LRT 4 Private to LRT 4 Pro and later on to LRT 5 Pro all my previous edits in my time lapses were there. I am sure this will be the same if you use the trial version of LRT 5 and upgrade later on to LRT 5 Pro.
Best regards
#3 gwegner
Yes, of course. You will have the restriction to 400 images however, so you will only be able to edit shorter sequences. Another option would be to go back to LRT4 (uninstall 5, reinstall 4) and reinstall your license. Then upgrade when you can buy the upgraded license.
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#4 evh515093
okay thank you for the info. Smile

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