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Using Pro Timer for motion control

#1 bspeaks
Hi Gunther,

I have the LRT Pro Timer with the latest firmware installed. I have been using it successfully on my Canon 6D for standard time lapses.

I also have the Radian motion control device which was manufactured by AlpineLabs in Boulder Colorado. In normal use, time lapse information is uploaded to the Radian via an app using LE Bluetooth. This works fine but the app is not as friendly as LRTPT

You indicate in the documentation that the second jack can be used for motion control. Now, I am attempting to do this. The Radian has a 2.5mm TRS jack which AlpineLab support says is a "trigger port for external control of the Radian". I have connected one of the LRTPT jacks to the trigger port using a cable with TRS plugs on each end. The other LRTPT jack is connected in the normal fashion to the camera with one of the recommended cables for the 6D.

I program and start the time lapse sequence and it is working correctly and triggering the camera; however, the Radian is not moving. Using an Ohm meter, I have checked the cable for continuity and it is good. I have also switched the respective cables between the two jacks on the LRTPT. Note: I have not modified any of the other LRTPT parameters.

Before I contact AlpineLabs, do you have any suggestions? Are there any tests I can perform using an ohm/voltmeter?

Thank you,
#2 gwegner
I don't know the Radian, but normally such devices need to be put into a "Slave-Mode" in order to be externally triggered. You need to ask the guys at alpine laps on how to do it, there is nothing to do on the LRT Pro Timer.
Please let us know, if you find out how to do it, it might be of interest for other users.
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