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Using the Syrp Mini for a rotating time lapse, doesn't trigger camera?

#1 ouroutdoorfamily
Using the Syrp Mini for a rotating time lapse. I plugged the 1P cable form the MINI into my Panasonic FZ1000... the camera starts rotating and runs it's sweep, but no pictures are actually taken? camera goes into sleep mode after about 2 minutes.... isnt the cable suppose to control and trigger the camera? or do I need to have the camera in a specific setting... I just followed the guide to doing a time lapse on syrp's site.
#2 rodrigo
Hi, Have you disable the power saving setting in you camera? Are you using the M mode, also I surmise that the Genie mini came with the right cable. Did you set the interval mode, to 2 or 3 seconds. I know it is a lot of questions from my part, but we need to cover all angles.


#3 lkunl
Make sure 4 pole side of shutter cable go into th Camera. Also enable remote control in camera.
#4 bethpapa
you need to push the cable harder to make the actual contact ... i had similar issue before
Syrp Genie
2019-07-12, 20:04
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