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Using voigtlander Lense

#1 odehan

I think about buying a Voigtlander lens for my GH5 (Aperture 0.95)

but I have a doubt as it is manual aperture, I suppose will not recorded in RAW file ? correct

so then Will I be abble to do Holy grail were I will change ISO and Speed, but as well Aperture ? it going to be detected by LR timelapse ?

#2 gwegner
You can use a manual lens for Holy Grail and of course also record in Raw format.
You can also ramp ISO and Shutter, but since you probably won't get Exif-Data recorded for the Aperture, you will have to fill in the aperture manually with the Lens-Tagging feature in LRTimelapse. That means, I'd avoid changing the aperture while shooting, since the aperture values won't be recorded.
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