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Verkaufe fast neues Timelaps Equipment von Dynamic Presc., Slider, Controller etc.

#1 maletg
[size=small][font=-apple-system, HelveticaNeue]Timelaps Equipment von Dynamic Persception im Wert von über CHF 4000.- [/font][/size]
  • [size=small] 1 of : Stage One PLUS Digital System w/ Pro NMX Motion Controller: Ready-to-run[Pro NMX Motion Controller Included:Includes Pro NMX (3-axis capable) Motion Controller & free downloadable iOS, Android, Mac and PC app][Slider Pro Stepper Motor Included:Includes Pro 19:1 stepper motor for live & shoot-move-shoot motion [variable speed up to 66 in/min]][Camera Cable:Canon N3][Joinable extension lengths (1st):20" Joinable Carbon Extensions [ $0]][Joinable extension lengths (2nd):20" Joinable Carbon Extensions [ $0]][Joinable extension lengths (3rd):20" Joinable Carbon Extensions [+$225]][Add rotary pan/tilt units + Motors:Add pan and tilt with two rotary units + motors + axis bracket and camera plate kit [+$735]][Ultra-capacity pro battery:Add extreme 23,000mAh capacity battery pack [+$120]][Multi-angle levelling wedge:Add multi-angle levelling wedge (achieve level multi-axis shots sliding at any angle) [+$160]][Bi-pod slider legs:Add Bi-pod legs [+$150]][Multi-mounting Plate:Add heavy-duty center mount plate [+$40]][Brake and Drag Kit:Add manual shooting brake and drag kit [+$30]][Cart Buddy II:Add the Cart Buddy II shelf [+$35]][/size]
inkl. Transport-Koffer von Light+Byte, ca. CHF 500.-

[size=undefined][size=small][size=small]TIMELAPSE + VIEW: EXPOSURE RAMPING/BULB RAMPING DEVICE für Time-Laps ca. $ 380.- [/size][/size][/size]

[size=undefined][size=small]alles praktisch NEU, komme leider nicht dazu.......[/size][/size]

[size=undefined][size=small]Alles zusammen für CHF 1'500.-, abholen in Zurich[/size][/size]

[size=undefined][size=small]Kontakt: Rene Pfluger rene.pfluger@gmail.com


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