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Version 5.2.2 not generating visual previews

#1 JayLamm
I recently downloaded and installed the new 5.2.2 version of LRTimelpase as well as the update to the DNG Converter.
Everything works as normal except when I get to the Visual Previews end of things. When I click on Visual Previews I get a 0% information that will take about 10 minutes to get to 1% and the entire time it never shows the visual previews in the preview window.

I tried what the FAQ said to do. I deleted the .lrt folder. I started over. I reinstalled version 5.2.2; I reinstalled DNG Converter. I started from scratch again. Still, the same thing happens.

I uninstalled 5.2.2 again and reinstalled version 5.0.7 and the whole thing works fine with the metadata I created when I was working on it in version 5.2.2

I also noticed that when i was trying to generate previews in 5.2.2 the pink progress bar would appear way at the bottom of the preview window screen. Normally it will appear close to the middle of the window. I tried using crop overlay selection to see if that helped but it didn't.
#2 gwegner
Could you please show a screenshot and send me the log file after activating the visual previews and waiting a bit? Log in info-menu.
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