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Vimeo Lines Issue

#11 robnelson4
I had this issue as well combined with colour issues and went back and forth with Vimeo for a while but didn't really get it solved. This was their response -

"Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting in touch, and my apologies for the trouble here. My name is Dana, and I'm the Video Support Manager here at Vimeo.

The color variation you've encountered seems to be deriving our transcoder. It seems to be having an issue accurately reproducing your video's color space (Rec2020) and bit depth (8). I've opened a ticket with our engineering team for further investigation, and I'll be sure to provide an update as soon as I hear back.  In the meantime, I would recommend trying to upload a 10-bit video using the Rec2020 color space, if possible.

In regards to the horizontal lines issue, it sounds like you might be running into a decoding issue in your browser. I've performed some tests, and concluded that our encoded files play correctly in other players. For background, each browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) uses a different technology to decode videos. As a result, videos may look or sound different from browser to browser (the frequency also depends on your hardware and CPU) Unfortunately, this is unrelated to Vimeo, but if continue to run into that issue, please take note of the browser you are using at the moment— there may be a bug in Chrome or Safari that is causing those lines to appear. If that's the case, we'd be happy to file a ticket with Google or Apple to address the issue.

Thanks again for sending over this report. I'll keep you posted on any updates I receive from our engineering team regarding the color variation issue."

What is strange is that in the summer (up until late August) I didn't have any issues but then in the fall had both the banding and color changes with no setting changes on my end. 

I will try the updated settings listed above.
#12 gwegner
Thanks for that feedback!
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