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Visual DeFlicker not starting

#1 Nikki
Hello! I follow the visual workflow and click on Visual Previews and get 100% visual previews and can view it. Then if I press the Visual Previews button again it reverts to camera preview but doesn't allow for DeFlicker to start. The button is grayed out and doesn't do anything when clicked.

I tired deleting the Lightroom Folder with the sequence. In LRTimelapse, I initialize (reset) metadata after restarting the program. Did the sequence again with the top rows and again it was stuck at Visual Previews. They preview and video play fine in the window but does not allow for Deflicker. How do I DeFlicker this sequence? Thanks! Jen
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#2 gwegner
There might be one visual preview missing, maybe a corrupted file. Check the "Visual Lum" column for any gap. Also close LRTimelapse, restart and reload the sequence. Maybe that helps.
Make sure to upgrade to the latest LRTimelapse version (5.0.9).
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#3 Nikki
Thanks! That was it. I found the file and I tried to reloaded the metadata but still didn't work. I deleted the sequence from that file on. Then restarted the process, deleting Lightroom file and LRTimelapse Clear & Initialize Metadata. Now works.

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