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Visual Previews - Causing Computer to Crash

#1 kwhi02
I'm running latest everything using a 2018 Macbook pro.

Visual Previews grinds the computer to a halt and frequently results in either LRTimelapse or the whole computer shutting down.
It recommends 12 threads I've reduced this to 8 but problems persists.

Problem started with latest update of both LR Timelapse and Adobe RAW.

#2 kwhi02
Same problem on my second computer a 2014 Mac Book Pro. For some reason Adobe RAW stopped closing and the machine ground to a halt.
#3 gwegner
Strange, try reducing the number of cores in the setting even more and do some tests. Maybe it's you computer overheating, if you stress him too much.
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#4 kwhi02
Cheers Gunther,
I reduced it to 4 cores and it seems to be working okay now.

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