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Visual previews curve glitching out - unkeyframed photos too bright

#1 karlo_m

First off, before posting this I searched the forums for this problem. I found a few threads but none helped. I made sure I only used Sync Keyframes inside of Lightroom and do everything else correctly, but this still occurs. I'd appreciate some help. If I should provide more info, please tell me to do so!

So basically what happens is, the keyframed photos are too dark compared to the rest of the sequence, or in other words, the sequence is too bright compared to the keyframed photos. Keyframed photos are the ones that are exposed correctly so I'm guessing it's glitching out due to the Holy Grail curve. I tried Rotating the Holy Grail curve, then the beginning of the sequence is somewhat okay, but the end of the sequence when the sun starts coming out is messed up.

Here's a screenshot of the Holy grail curve and the visual previews curve.

LRTimelapse Pro 5.0.6
Lightroom Classic CC ver. 7.2

P.S. Also, while I'm here, another problem occurs sometimes, but I don't know what causes it. Whenever I use gradient filters and change the values of sliders in the gradient tool from keyframe to keyframe (but not changing the position), I get a weird flicker. Like one photo doesn't have the gradient filter applied, the next one does. Then the next one doesn't etc.
#2 gwegner
I think you either used some unsupported tools, see http://forum.lrtimelapse.com/Thread-what...htroom-acr
or, more likely, you messed with the gradient filters.
Please take care to only use the provided linear gradients (4) which were created by LRT when the sequence was initialized. You cannot remove them or add new ones since this will mess up everything. Please try again, start with "Metadata/Initialize" in LRT to reset everything.
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