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Visual Previews Issue Freezing with LRTimelapse 5

For the past 24 hours I have been having huge issues with creating Visual Previews on my time lapses in LRTimelapse 5. Everything seems to be running smoothly, then it gets to about 70% and seems to freeze. The system seems like it's plugging away working, but in LR time-lapse it is stuck at 70% done, 311 remaining, etc. The pink visual previews bar also freezes and doesn't start loading any more. I tried rebooting, starting the whole process from scratch (I re-converted the media from the card to DNG with LRtimelapse importer again, went through the whole process, Lightroom edits, then got to Visual Previews again, and boom, same issue.) Any help is greatly appreciated!
#2 gwegner
I'd need the log file after this happens (info-menu). If you restart LRTimelapse or the computer, you don't need to redo everything, just load the sequence, turn on the Visual Previews, and it will continue where it left off.
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