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Warning about cable for Canon EOS 5D!

#1 Jiheffe

I received my LRT Pro Timer yesterday and I already know I'm going to like it :-)

One warning though, that you might want to share on your website... I also bought an N3 release cable for my 5D MkIV on Amazon (I tend to loose them so I bought a spare one :-) ).
The cable I bought is manufactured by the well-known brand Hama, so I thought I would be on the save side. Not so... When I used it to try out the timer, nothing happened. Using another cable I already had worked perfectly...
The difference is that the Hama cable actually has 4 headers on the 2.5 jack, while the other has only 3. I though I would share this to avoid mishaps to others...

#2 gwegner
Thanks for reporting!
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