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What do you believe is the best camera for timelapse?

#1 Novelectro
I have a Nikon D750 and I really like it. I think that for the quality verses price it is one of the best values out there. I'm actually considering getting a 2nd one to have as a backup and also be able to shoot 2 timelapses at once since I'm not able to get out and shoot as often as I'd like (and this would allow me to get double the amount of content created).

But since I'm considering getting another body it's prompted me into thinking about moving to something else entirely. The D750 is definitely not perfect for instance, it's annoying how I can't see any information to review when I'm doing a timelapse, I can only trust the meter. I'm good at knowing where my camera settings need to be - but it could still be better. Also, I've been getting more into video and anything I've done with the D750 is pretty mediocre and so there is an increase in cost to me because I can't use it for both photos and video. I would probably go for a GH5 or something like that - but again now I'm owning 2 brands at once and it doesn't seem like an efficient use of money.

So I'm wondering - do you have a particular camera or camera brand which you find to be best at timelapse? And also, what solution might you recommend to me? I'd like to just stay put because I'm most familiar with Nikon - but I often think that switching to Canon or Sony or even Fuji may make more sense at this point.
#2 Dale Davis
I love my two (2) D750's and have no desire whatsoever to buy and learn a new system. I too, do two timelapses at the same time. If I did any switching I'd probably go to two (2) D850's but that is way out of my budget.
#3 Novelectro
Any interest in going to the Z6 or Z7?
#4 gwegner
D750 is still one of the best cameras for timelapse imo. Z6 / Z7 are also good.
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