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When dragging to LR
When dragging my sequence to LR it will only let me copy the files not add.  What may be the problem? I used lrt to import the photos..
If the photos are already present in the Lightroom catalog you have too options:
1) remove them from the lightroom catalog, then do the drag and drop from LRTimelapse (recommended)
2) Don't drag and drop, instead in Lightroom set the filter to "Full Sequence", select all images of that folder and then "Metadata/Read Metadata from files.

I'd recommend the first option. It's easier, faster and more secure.
In the future I'd recommend to consider using the LRTimelapse importer instead of Lightroom to import from the SD Card. It's faster, saves the time of generating previews later and has some special features especially for time lapse photographers.

There's an faq for this too:
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