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Which development tools can I safely use in Lightroom / ACR?

#11 gwegner
No, unfortunately Lightroom doesn't move brushes that you applied on gradients along with the gradient itself.
From my experience as Astro Photographer: I'd recommend to not do too much to the milkyway. It's beautiful as it is.
Just add _a bit_ of contrast via Dehaze, Whites, Blacks, try to nail the whitebalance so that the sky looks quite neutral.
You can use a circular gradient, if you really feel so, but don't start to paint on it, that's just unecessary.

If you feel your images don't "pop" enough, most likely you are not caputring enough light. Go for a fast lens, like the Sigma 20 f/1.4 or 14 f/1.8 and you'll see a huge difference. Not much editing needed then anymore and it will look much better.
Unfortunately 90% of all images and timelapses of the milkyway are way overdone and look artificial and overedited to anyone that knows a bit about Astro-Photography.
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