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why alt-f4 for quit?

#1 chasg
Not a really important question, but I have been curious: why alt-f4 to quit LRT on PC, instead of ctrl-q?
#2 gwegner
Because Alt-f4 is the default hot key for closing any program... :-)
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#3 chasg
wow, I didn't know that! (you've discovered my secret Mac-user past :-)

But still, every other program I use on Windows uses ctrl-q to quit. I don't believe you use ctrl-q anywhere else in LRT, any chance of adding that keyboard shortcut as well? (on my keyboard, I have to hold a key to make my f-keys actual f-keys, so it's three keys to quit LRT). Lazy of me, I know, but others I've spoken to have the same (minor, I'll admit, very minor) issue.

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