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Will LRTimelapse work with MacOS Catalina (10.15) and later?

#1 gwegner
The latest LRTimelapse 5 Update (LRTimelapse5.3.1.mac_599_c.dmg from the download page) supports MacOS Catalina.
If you downloaded 5.3.1 before 2019-10-06, you need to download it again and reinstall it, if you want to run it on Catalina.

LRTimelapse 4.x most likely won't work on Catalina. It has not been tested and LRTimelapse 4 is out of support for a long time now. Please consider upgrading your license if you still use LRT4, currently you can still get a discounted upgrade on the upgrade page: https://lrtimelapse.com/upgrade.

Once again, Apple added more "security" related restrictions to their OS. For example by default applications are not allowed to access the Documents folder, Desktop folder, network drives and external volumes anymore.

An application like LRTimelapse which doesn't want to restrict you in the places where hold your timelapse files, will need access to those locations. They are inside the folder tree that LRTimelapse builds, and as the tree gets built, LRTimelapse will request the access.

Additionally LRTimelapse currently uses Documents/LRTimelapse for the Lightroom Interface and log, that means, you need to allow at least access to the Documents folder, when you get asked, otherwise LRTimelapse will not work.

I'd strongly recommend to agree to all access queries that OSX will show you while working with LRTimelapse, otherwise you might get a strange behavior.

You should get asked only once for each permission, OSX will then remember it.

Optionally: If you want, you can also manually grant LRTimelapse full access to the file system, then you won't get any queries at all. This might be the only option that LRT4 users could try. No guarantees however from my side...
  1. Open the OSX System Preferences, go to Security & Privacy.
  2. Now open the lock on the bottom left of the dialog, confirm with your password.
  3. Choose the Privacy tab in that dialog. In the left bar, choose Full Disk Access
  4. Click on "+", then choose LRTimelapse from your Applications folder.
  5. Close the lock to accept the changes.
Check the attached image to see the dialog.
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