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Workflow suggestion from images stacked/aligned in Photoshop into LRTimelapse

#1 kevin obrien
I have a series of DNG files that (unfortunately) I had to stabilize/align using the Stacking Script in Photoshop. I can't export them as DNG files... but I can as Tiffs. Is it best to then convert then back to DNGs in Lightroom and bring them into LRTimrlapse?  Can anyone suggest an alternative workflow that would allow me to correct for the shake/movement in the original DNG series of images?   Thanks in advance...
#2 gwegner
If you edited the files before and you have LRTimelapse Pro you can render the TIFF sequence. Just rename the images to LRT_xxxxx.tif where xxxxx is a number counting from 00001, put them into a folder called LRT_<MYFOLDERNAME> and select them as intermediary sequence from the LRTimelapse render dialog.

If you still have to edit them, then I'd recommend converting them to DNG with Lightroom and then doing the whole editing process in LRT.

Personally I use Adobe After Effects and the Warp-Stabilizer to stabilize sequences - but mostly I take care when shooting ;-)
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