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Working with only a subset of photos

#1 joe_hanson
Hi, I'm a new user of LRTimelapse. Loving the functionality, but I have a total n00b question.

I've got several RAW sequences already imported into Lightroom from before I had LRTimelapse that I'd like to go back and tweak. But several of my Lightroom folders have a few photos on either end of a sequence (from when I'm setting up a shot, or sometimes they go too long) that I don't want to edit as part of a project in LRTimelapse.

Problem is, when I start a workflow, it seems like I am forced to edit all the photos inside a folder in LRTimelapse. Is there a way to select just a subset of photos to edit and keyframe? For instance, let's say a folder contains 500 photos. If I only want to edit #100-450, how do I select this?

Seems like this should be really obvious and I feel dumb for even asking.
#2 gwegner
You have to move the non time lapse images to other folders, or just separate the time lapse images into a dedicated folder. You can do this in LRTimelapse, there is a nice function "new folder from selection" in the context menu, if you selected some image.

You will have to have each time lapse sequence on its own in a dedicated folder. Make sure to "synchronize folder" in Lightroom, after moving to reflect the changes in the LR database too, if the images are already in LR.
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#3 joe_hanson
Thanks, I was hoping there would be a way to do it without folder reorganization, but this isn't the end of the world… as long as I remember to synchronize in Lr!

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