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Wrong Images / Previews in Sequence

#11 gwegner
It can happen in very rare cases, for example if you load the sequence that you are still importing. Otherwise you should be fine working on other sequences while the importer is running.

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#12 jfish101
I seem to be having the same problems as everyone else. I feel I might have been guilty of not letting the previews generate fully when toggling between sequences. So I will keep an eye on that next time. Will also try the import feature.

But Ive been using LRT 4 for 9 months now and never experienced this until now. Strange how it has just suddenly started happening. Maybe a coincidence but this is the first project ive worked on with LRT4 that contains 15-20,000 images. Sometimes 2-3000 per sequence.

Shift f5 has worked for me. But re generating frames for 2-3000 frame time-lapse does take a bit of time.

This is not a criticism. Insane software that I couldn’t live with out. But this is the first minor problem ive experienced using any LRT software. Thought I would write it up on here.

Looking forward to LRT 5.

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