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#21 timelapsefrank
Hi Thanks for your great comment. I hope it will work just way way we would like. Nothing more frustrating them having the damn thing shut down in the middle of the sequence. Keep the forum updated about the power pack and I will do the same. I will also get the case relay for my D850 and use the same power pack as the Pine controller pack. That is why I bought the larger pack with the hope of just having one pack to run my system for timelapse.

#22 stars
It has just arrived and I am charging it now.

Like the old XT packs you can charge at the same time as draining, so a second XT can be used in the field as reinforcement to extend duration.

I forgot to add that I even disabled wifi connection in case that was the culprit, causing either Case Relay power drain. So I got a new Android tablet with real USB to connect to Nikon directly. Much better; no wifi issues anymore.

Also, I understand about cold batteries, I keep them insulated. Soon I will need a second battery to power a battery heater. Battery cars use battery heaters by the way.

Also, to add that for deep sky astrophoto I have a Celestron Tank battery (which turns out to be way smaller than I anticipated) but is OK for 12volt feed. But it has a fast USB charge socket......you can guess the rest.....I am pretty sure it exhibits the same behaviour and is now replaced by this https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B07DZ5P...UTF8&psc=1
#23 stars
A quick update on XT-20000QC3-AO (Non-Stop Powerbank)

I have had only one chance so far to verify the powerbank with Case Relay to D750

This time the Case Relay status light stays green all the time. Before, with previous XT packs, it started green, then went orange then phuttt.
The Nikon battery status indicator also remains good.
The Case Relay was powered from the rapid charge port, Android tablet from the other port.

So this is much better, but I will try some more combinations to be sure.
#24 stars
OK, by a process of elimination I have have found ( I hope) the root cause of my mysterious problem; that of sequences just stopping without warning leaving wifi disconnected and the sequence halted.

I started originally with my iOS tablet and wifi, but it was very difficult to stop he Apple tablet from trying to connect to new interesting networks during the sequence, maybe this was the cause of the drop-outs. Maybe.

So I upgraded to a dedicated Android tablet mounted on my tripod, wifi to D750 searching for new networks banned; but this still resulted sometimes in stoppages;

So a couple of weeks ago I replaced my tablet with a new Android tablet with a real USB port to allow connect direct to D750. No wifi anymore. I installed a new copy of qDSLR.

But still the sequence stopped, so I get a new non-stop battery as above. Now all seems OK and the suspected faulty Case Relay is exonerated.

But last week still it stopped. But this time I got to catch qDSLR app "red handed" as its timer stopped dead in mid sequence. I reset the timer and wait and watch. Next the app decides unilaterally to change gear from 15 sec interval up to 30 seconds...
So by a process of elimination I have exonerated the comms and power supply variables and have,, I believe, found the culprit.

The set-up is now, D750 direct USB to tablet no wifi, a reliable battery with Case Relay and camera power both via battery USB and of course! the dependable LRTimelapse Pro-Timer 9 volts from battery.

Gunther, it is OK for you to think "I told you so" :-)

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