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Zoom time-lapse post-processing comparison

#1 c_joerg
I tried a time-lapse with a different zoom. In each case 3 pictures were taken in a zoom setting. The unedited video looks of course bad, especially with the large focal lengths. However, I had to remove the first images (wobbly trees and high focal length), because Adobe After Effects CS6 so did not come at all and hung in an endless loop (only black preview after the first step).

Most of all, Adobe Premiere Elements 14 (Shake Reduction Detailed) convinced me. Easy operation and satisfactory result.
The results of Adobe After Effects CS6 are not bad after removing the first images, but I think it's slightly behind Adobe Premiere Elements.
Really bad is Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro. You can not import uncompressed video and it gets very badly cut. This will make the video very blurry. It is synonymous only up to 1080p. During the export, no quality settings can be made.

Upper Left 
  Original Video
Upper Right
  Adobe Premiere Elements 14 / Shake reduction detailed
Upper Left 
  Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro
Upper Right
  Adobe After Effects CS6
  (Wrap Stabilizer/Smooth Motion/Subspace Wrap/Stabilize,Crop,Auto

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#2 c_joerg
here are some examples of zoom time-lapse…

Watch video (embedding not allowed for privacy reasons)

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