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Full Version: Visual Preview Images in the Wrong Order
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I am having the following recurring issue in LR Timelapse. I did some digging in the forums but haven't found anything about this. My apologies if I missed it.

I follow the steps through the visual workflow and everything seems to be working fine until I generate visual previews. For some reason the visual previews are completely out of order. When I play back the preview, it jumps between frames of the sequence seemingly randomly and the pink line varies harshly as a result. However, the images are in the correct sequential order when I turn off visual previews. This has happened on exposure-ramped holy grail sequences as well as very basic sequences and I can't figure out any reason for it. Any tips would be helpful.

LRTimelapse 4.8.3 Pro
Adobe Lightroom Classic 7.1
DNGConverter 10.1
Windows 10 PC w/ Intel Core i7-6800K, GTX 1080, 64GB RAM.
Please try rebuilding the Previews with Shift F5 - sometimes, if the multithreaded preview generation process might stumble and this can happen in very rare cases.
Thanks Gunther. Looks like that did the trick!