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Full Version: LR Export Times
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I have chosen 16bit Tiff exports from LR.    Doing some tests, seeing what if any difference is perceptible with 16bit vs. 8bit.  Just trying to get a optimal workflow established.

LR exports are taking over 10 mins for a 300 file sequence export at 16 Bit Tiff.

My iMac specs are:

3.8 GHTZ  i5
32 GB Ram
Radeon Pro 580 8GB Ram

I was hoping/dreaming that it might go faster,................

I have optimized LR for performance with Graphic card, but maybe there is/are other settings I can select to optimize performance.?  

Graphic Card support has no influence on export times unfortunately in Lightroom. One thing that I could recommend is going for 8-bit tiff - after the editing in LR, this is perfectly fine, I always use those.
But apart from that we are all suffering from slow export times from Lightroom. But Adobe announced a significant improvement soon, see:
I am still on LR 6.14- has LR CC classic become faster now?
and does it use the GPU?


Pieter Kers
CC Classic is much faster now on exports, if you have a CPU with many cores.
GPU does not have too much impact for Timelapse however.