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Full Version: New Motion Controller ahead - Black Forest Motion PINE
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Hi everyone,

I found a new Motion Controller on kickstarter, the black forest Motion PINE.

What is your opinion to that new one?

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Great concept and the guys are really motivated. I have a beta here and it looks promising! Will say more about it, once the firmware is out of beta.
I second Gunthers opinion. Very promising, very capable device.
The app is the best I have seen so far in this league. It has almost too many features. It's not Flair or Mantis, but for basic to advanced motion control work with small rigs it is definitely worth looking at.
This set up does look good. I'll be interested to see how it might integrate easily with our DP set ups.
I was about to invest in a DP NMX, but then I came across this.. The Pine seems to have more options, but the NMX is available now. (Im impatient Big Grin)
Should I wait for the Pine unit to be available, or are the two so similar that it really doesnt matter? Any thoughts?
It depends. If you want to do timelapse only and the somehow limited options in the NMX app are sufficient for you, go for it.
If you want more options (pano, astro, etc.) wait for the pine. The connectors are much better also. However, the App is still a bit beta I fear but will certainly get better with time.
Im mostly planning on doing timelapses, but off course it wouldt hurt to have more options available. I think I will wait for the Pine to mature a bit and be available.
Im 100% buying this and using it with my DP gear as soon as i start hearing reports. The fact that i can do tinelapse, astro and gigapixel is a no brainer for me.

I also plan on getting the view to automate holy grails going forward so it would be nice to know if theyll all play well together.
@Novelectro did you receive your Pine? If so, would you mind to share your experience?
Basically, the PINE controller takes care of the movement, but will not do the exposure ramping.
For that, you need to use the slave mode on the PINE controller and connect an external ramping device to PINE's AUX input port.
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