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Full Version: Workflow with LR - LRTL - After Effects - LRTL
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Hi Gunther,
I have been working with LRT this week and so far I am really happy with the results.
My workflow is as follow:
Import with LR - LRT for keyframe, ramping and deflicker - import as RAW sequence in AE - stabilizing in AE - encoding in Adobe Media Encoder.

I would like to try to encode in LRT after stabilizing. I see that in your instruction you recommend to export from AE as a sequence.
Do you mean to export from AE as a Premiere Pro sequence? Could you develop please?
Just export as TIFF sequence from AE. Name the folder LRT_<Original FolderName> and the files LRT_xxxxx.TIF, where xxxxx is a 5 digits number with leading zeros (AE will usually do this correctly). Then you can just use File/Render Video in LRTimelapse, select that folder and render.

Is it faster than using Lightroom ? I have a big project at the moment and Lightroom is so slow when i do the exports ...
No, Lightroom got much faster in exporting since one of the last updates of LR CC Classic.
From my experience the regular workflow Exporting via LRTExport from Lightroom and rendering with LRTimelapse is the fastest.