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Full Version: Anybody using the Dynamic Perception MX3 as a controller and intervalometer?
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Hi all,

new to the forum. Getting into timelapse photography, so please bear with me.

A few months back I purchased a slider from Amazon as it looked like a deal I couldn't pass over: 80cm, carbon fiber and motorized for like 200€...
Now, the slider and cart are fine but the controller is an under-developed Chinese piece of garbage.
I need a serious one.

I have come across an used Dynamic Perception MX3 which looks like a good choice for me as I'm starting out, and it can be used to control third party sliders and motors.

Anybody uses one in their rig? Any suggestions?


P.S. here's a link to my latest 7 seconds that you can see where I'm at... ;-)
If that slider has a stepper motor, go for the NMX controller instead. Mx2 and mx3 are a nightmare to setup and work with.

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Hi, thanx for the reply.
Unfortunately I think it has a regular DC motor, so no way for the NMX unless I swap the motor too...
Is the MX3 that bad to set up and operate?
I'd recommend to exchange the motor then. You have so many disadvantages with DC motors and those controllers, trust me. We used that stuff back in the days and it was really complicated and error prone to setup. I know of no one that still uses DC-Motors or the MX2/3 motors for timelapse.
I'll have to look into my slider and see if the motor can be swapped: it can be unmounted for sure (just a pair of screws) but I'm not sure about the way the pulley is handled. In case I'll have to swap it for the stepped motor from DP...
Check out that
Works perfect with any Timer you connect. There is an version 2 available with more and better functions.  
I'm currently working on a stepper motor controller in combination with LRTimelapse Pro Timer.
Let me know if you would be like to get more information on my motor controllers.