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Full Version: Spectrum ST4 + Dynamic Perception
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Hello- been reading the forums for a bit, this is my first time posting. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience running the eMotimo st4 on a dynamic perception slider. I'm about to place this order and am curious how people are finding this setup. If anyone is using this combination, what exactly did you order to make it work from each company? 

Thank you!
Works perfectly, why not?

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Thanks for the response- I guess my question is, DP doesn't have an analogue bundle, and since the st4 would be controlling the slider I wouldn't need the nmx controller that comes with the DP system. So I would have to put together the slider system and I'm curious if there's anything I should know so I get all the pieces I need- do I go with the stepper motor from eMotimo or get one from DP? That sort of thing.
It's easy, you'd only need an adapter for the slider motor to the Spectrum, I guess, you can get them from Emotimo.
Hi BartlettPhotography,

i´m running the mentioned setup and it works perfectly. You don´t need the NMX Controller, the ST4 does manage everything. You do need the special Motor-Cable (Emotimo-Shop) because of different wiring.

I´m running the 19:1 (19:1 gear ratio - Moderate speeds and torque Top Speed: ~1 inch per second, Max Capacity: 15-20 lbs
Good middle choice for timelapse/moderate video and sometimes faster rotary movement) Motor. For my use it is enough.
Useful add-ons are the Multi-Angle leveling Wedge and the Motor-invert-adapter.

I'm curious as to your setup:

• I'm assuming the eMotimo Spectrum ST4 controls/triggers the camera and runs the SMS intervalometer, like the Dynamic Perception MX3 controllers do, yes?

• How do you control your camera's exposure settings? (I change my manually like the older Holy Grail method)

• Has anyone tried qDSLR Dashboard in combination with the eMotimo Spectrum ST4? And, if so, can you successfully do the automated Holy Grail method, and does it sync correctly with the Spectrum for SMS sequences?
qDslrDashboard works with nearly every motion controller, since it does not need to by "synced", this will happen automatically, since it only listens to the camera and reacts as soon as the camera captures an image. In my opinion it's the best solution to be used together with the ST4 (I do it all the time) and of course other motion controllers too.
Thank you for the confirmation, Gunther!

Okay, so next question then (as I cannot seem to find any recent info on the topic):

I had qDSLR Dashboard running on my iPad, but now under iOS 12 it does not. So that's a dead end. Which Nexus tablet (or other) would you recommend for just being able to run qDSLRdashboard reliably? I wouldn't even need it to do anything else – it could be dedicated to qDSLRdashboard.

But is Zoltan even updating the app for Android anymore? I do worry if it too is a dead end.

I am using qDslrDashboard under iOS 12 on an iPad and an iPhone and it works. I have updated it to the newest version which is 3.5.6 for qDslrDashboard. Just remove the app from your device and go to the AppStore. There you find qDslrDashboard under bought apps and you can download it again and you have the newest version.

Best regards

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Zoltan is updating the app for android. And he is working on a new iOS solution. And as Monika said, if you bought before the app was removed from the store by apple, you can still install the latest iOS version.
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