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Full Version: Pause button during visual preview generation
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It would be useful to have a pause button during visual visual preview generation.

Enabling you to pause the process and use the CPU elsewhere before resuming.
At any time you can click again on the visual previews to pause the process. LRTimelapse will then switch back to camera previews. Once you want to resume the visual preview generation, just activate it again by pressing the button.
Thanks Gunther - How about when you've lined up say 7-8 sequence to create visual previews / deflicker. is there an easy way to pause this?

The latest version is really great by the way. So many features i hoped for and more.

No, you can't pause the batch processes right now.
Adding a pause feature would be very helpful for Previews & Deflicker - places where it calls the DNG Convertor to process things. Times I would use it involve rationing battery life until I get to a plug in, needing to relocate (closing the laptop / full sleep state), or do some other task immediately and then return to processing without starting at zero. Would also be helpful for times when you need to disconnect an external drive or rearrange what is plugged in where.
The normal visual preview generation can be toggled on/off at any time via the visual previews button. I'll consider adding a pause button to the batch processing.