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Full Version: qdslr ramping while using Holy Grail
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Hello everyone! This is my first post. I started using LRT and qDslr a few days ago. Two pieces of "Outstanding" software.

My first understanding of qDslr was set it and forget it. So last night I did just that. To my surpise it didn't perform as I original thought it would. I'm sure this a learning curve on my part. I set the max settings to 10 sec exporsure and 6400 iso. The software did a great job until it got dark ( we go near total darkness here) then it went way over exposed. It maxed out the exposure then ramped the iso. As a comparison I did a manual capture the night before and was able to keep EV near 0 and only required 5.5 sec exposures with 3200iso.

What am I missing?

If you want to go into total darkness, you should use the Auto-NTC feature in order to get darker images during the Night. See:
Very cool. Thank you. Unfortunately it is a auto NTC function and I have no GPS. Anyway to manually provide GPS coordinates?
Afaik currently not, but feel free to write to Zoltan, the developer and file a feature request.

Another option would be to successively lower the reference value as it gets very dark manually (that's how we did it before we had Auto-NTC.)
I am having the same problem (the images get progressively lighter as it gets dark). Is there a write-up or tutorial on how to adjust the reference value and when to start? I am using qDslrDashboard on a Windows 10 PC with a Canon 6D camera. I connect the computer and camera via a USB cable.