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Full Version: visual deflicker reset ?
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Time to time after a new adjustement of the keyframes in lightroom, I prefer to reset the visual deflicker.
with the reset button ( at visual deflicker level ) I expect to be able to apply instead to refine.
Actually, I am not able to use the apply after the reset, only the refine is possible ?
I missed something ?, I used to do like that in previous release ?
Thank you for your help.
Hmm, should not happen and does not happen here. When you click on the reset button on the visual deflicker panel, the deflicker will get deleted (you'll see the Deflicker column disappear also. After you have recreated the visual previews and click on "Visual Deflicker" again, the Apply button should be enabled.
Another option to get rid of the deflicker is to right click on the header of the Deflicker column and choose "Initialize".
Hi , Thank you for your help.
Actually, I am now able to reset and the deflicker colum is reset, I thought it was the root of my issue...
Nevertheless , Then I reload again, then I ask auto-transition then the visual preview.
My concern is that I have a pink curve with very high peaks at the keyframes, and the deflicker process against these peaks and also gaps facing the parameters changes needs a lot of try to get a smooth curve. quite abnormal..., I am missing something, but what ???
It's like when I reload, if the Holy grail process was not applied?
I guess LRtimelapse is Ok, on my side it's not the first time I use it ... hundreds ...
And it's not the first time I am facing such this thing when I am in a second step LR editing...
Generally I recover a normal situation with restarsting totally with a new folder ... not really a solution.
Thank you for your help to find the right way ...
PS : may I send you some screesshots ?
If you have spikes on the keyframes, most likely something in the process went wrong. Mostly it's a problem with the gradients. You might have incidentally deleted or added linear gradient filters - this could cause such problems. Please restart the editing for that sequence with "Metadata/Initialize" and start over.
Thank you very much, I will take care about the process...