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Full Version: New Pro Timer Software Extended!
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Hello Gunther, hello people,
as you may have already seen, I am working on a project "Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller for Pro Timer". Related to this were some extensions to the Pro Timer software. The menu structure of the Pro Timer software did not quite match my MMI ideas. That's why I've made a few changes: After starting the PT, the mode selection is displayed first. In the mode (M. Bulb, ..) the interval is set first. All other settings have remained the same. Then I have added an additional mode menu "Setup". In the mode setup you can set the "min dark time", the start interval, and the standard display brightness. All parameters are stored in the EEPROM and then read out again at the start of the PT. In the original version you had to create a new version to change the min dark time, the start interval was saved together with a changed display brightness. After the expiration or termination of a TL sequence, you automatically enter the mode from which the sequence was started. This makes more sense for me and also facilitates the operation. The Select button has been downgraded a bit and now just turns the display off and on. Also the changes from my version 0.92 are included in this version. Although this version is designed for my Stepper Motor Controller project, it works without TLSMC. The attached Flow Chart shows my MMI structure. I would be glad, if someone loads the software to his PT and am looking forward to the comments and questions. Greetings Hans
Hello Sheeba,

did you see my project?
I spent a lot of time, but the response was very rare.
Look at it, it has already a lot of addidional features.
Let me know what you think about it.

Let google translate my post and watch the video. I hope it is no problem that the audio comment is in german.
I think you can guess the power of the features without comment.

Post (in german):
Hallo Klaus,
vielen Dank für dein Reply. Ich habe mir dein Projekt angesehen. Sieht sehr gut aus!! Sehr tolle Lösung!! Die geringe Response habe ich bei meinen Posts auch schon registriert!! Lebt denn der Pro-Timer noch!!!
Aber egal, ich habe Spaß mit den Projekten und werde sie auf jeden Fall weiterführen. Hast du dir mein Projekt „Timelapse Stepper Motor Controller für Pro Timer erste Version fertig!! angeschaut? Da arbeiten wir ja an ähnlichen Projekten.
Mein Stepper Motor Controller Projekt wurde inzwischen 9x nachgebaut. Teilweise mit meiner Unterstützung.. Alle sind hell auf begeistert!! Aber keiner davon ist Mitglied im Forum.
Nun habe ich noch eine Frage zu deinem Projekt. Soweit ich im Video gesehen habe benutzt du auch einen Stepper Motor mit Getriebe. Was für ein Getriebe nutzt du? Ich habe mit meinem 5.18:1 (Warum auch immer so eine Übersetzung??) Getriebe ein paar Probleme mit der Genauigkeit. Und ich arbeite noch an einem guten Ramping.
Hattest du ähnliche Probleme? Und hast du die gelöst? Falls ja wäre ich an deinem Skript interessiert!!
Schönen Gruß aus dem Schwarzwald,
Hallo Hans,
wir sind hier im englischsprachigem thread.
Ich denke, wir sollten uns unterhalten. Es gibt einiges zu berichten.
Gerne auch effizient am Telefon.
Gib mir Bescheid, ob du Interesse hast und wenn ja, dann sende mir bitte Kontaktinfos per PN.
Beste Grüße
P.S: Hast du auch mit 3D-Drucker mehr am Hut (nur so eine Ahnung wie klein die Welt sein könnte)
Hello Gunther, hello timelapse friends,

I've added new features to my Pro Timer extended version.
1. Delay Time. With Delay Time, the start of the TL sequence is delayed by the set time. The smallest adjustable time is 1 minute, the maximum time is 23:59 h
2. Auto display off after 15 sec. If no key is pressed for 15 seconds, the display switches off automatically. It can be switched on again with the Display / Select button. This ensures in the TL operation that as little as possible battery power is used.

Overview of additional features in Pro Timer ext version 1.10

Functions in the standard timelapse operation:

Improved menu structure (see attached flow chart)
Setup Mode for setting and saving:
• Min Dark Time
• Decoupling time
• Start Interval
• Display Brightness

Functions in M-S-M operation:

Communication with TLSMC:
• Reading the position (start, end position) of the slider.
• Reading the maximum distance between start and end positions
• Goto Start Position Command
• Stepp Command
• Shot Command

Settings in the "Move" screen
Shoot move delay (time between camera release and slider trip)
Move Distance (setting the maximum distance for the TL sequence)
M-S-M ramping (distance ramping)

Cosmetic changes in the running screen:
Exposure indicator: is now a circle with a dot in the middle
Ramping indicator: is an arrow pointing to the top right

As previously described, this version can also be used without TLSMC. For me, this version has all the features I need for a TL. Further changes are not planned.

I attached a FlowChart of the version, images of the Dealy Time function, as well as the software.
I would be glad if somebody loads this version to their Pro Timer, tests and gives feedback.

Greetings Hans