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Full Version: MacPro kernel panic, only using LRTimelapse 5 while Visual Preview calculation
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Hi there Smile

After an old test several years ago, I'm trying LRTimeLapse 5 again! Smile I have a small sequence of 200 images. Everything works well, but after 1 or 2 minutes of Visual Preview calculation, my MacPro kernel panic, and restart systematically

What I've already tried:
- Testing the Mac Pro memory using Techtoolpro : everything ok.
- Allowing more memory in info.plist (30720m). Same problem.
- Setting more threads for Visual Preview (by default ti was 4 ; I've set to 24 as recommended). Same problem.

Joined is one of the kernel panic report (that also give you all information about my Mac Pro).

Please note that I've been able to complete 1 Visual Preview. Then after modifying some parameter of the TL, every Visual Preview produce a kernel panic after 1 ou 2 minutes... I've also tried to delete all .xmp files to restart at the begin. Same problem.

Any help? The only complete 1 Visual Preview was so perfect, that I'm very frustrated to not be able to work with!

Big Grin
That's indeed strange and nothing I've ever got reported before. Seems like a hardware issue on your computer, when it get's under stress. Make sure that you are using the latest version of Adobe DNG Converter.
Try to debug the issue by running DNG Converter stand alone and convert a sequence of images just as a test (no LRT involved). See if you get the KP again. If not, set the number of threads to 1 in LRTimelapse. Try visual previews, this will basically do one after the other and not run multiple instances of DNG Converter in parallel. See if that works.
Hi, and thanks for your replie. I've made lot more tests. It could be because of one of my processor Sad. Very hard to isolate the problem. But yes, using only 1 thread fixes the problem. But it's so slowwwwww ! Smile Thanks again, Vincent.
Yeah, I guess you should have that computer fxed or replaced.
Hi, I'm back with this issue. Since, I had o time to work on. So, I'll try to determine which processor is defective. BUT I cannot change anymore number of threads ! I change using + and -. Then Ok. But when back in preferences, it stays at 4. Always 4. Any idea ? Smile (I've updated to LRTL 5.0.9)
So you cannot change the value?
Please do the following. Change the value, click "OK" on the bottom right. Reopen the dialog, go to expert settings again and check, it should be the same value you've set.
That's exactly what I've done. I can change the value. Then "Ok". Then back in expert setting, the value is back to 4.
Here is the video screen shot of what happened :
You cannot change this, as a non licensed user. It will be available, once you've bought and activated a license.
Ok! In fact, in the last trial, it was possible to change it ; and thanks to that, I was able to determine the origine of my kernel panics : one of my processor. Now, I wanted to remove processor one by one to isolate the defective. But for that, I need to change this parameter... Well, I'll to by a licence...