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Full Version: snapshot : you save the state of the metadata, but the visual preview is not saved?
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In my short working period working with LRT i understand now that you can save the calculated metadata as a snapshot.
But the visual preview is not saved with it and on loading that snapshot it again has to be calculated using the snapshot data. So it may takes again some time.
is that correct?
Yes, that's correct. Visual Preview cache is not stored with snapshots because you can easily recreate those previews and the would take a quite some space to store.
in my case i have 3000 images 36MP- it takes more than an hour to render (again) the visual preview.
( slow computer i know- will be faster with a new one that is coming)
Reading it from a snapshot with the visual preview saved would take 5 minutes...or so

So for me it would speed up things to have snapshots with the previews saved (by choice)-
and then i throw them away once i am finished with the project.

Does the visual preview making depends on the speed of the GPU as well?
GPU doesn't matter too much. I'm moving this thread to the feature requests.
in addition to this, is it possible to let the program only make a visual preview of a set of images ?

so par example the whole set is 1- 3000

i have changed parameters of images 100-200 and want a new visual preview only for these .
( since the rest is untouched)
This already happens. Only changed images will get new visual previews created. The thing is, if you change only one keyframes and apply the auto transition again, this will change the whole sequence. Try selecting only the part that you would like to apply the transition to in the table, then click on auto transition.