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Full Version: Render Video Window Not Closing
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Bought the license the other day and installed on a PC running Windows 10.

There are many instances where the Render Video window does not close after render. Pressing cancel closes it temporarily but pops up again after 3 secs. I can continue to work on other project by dragging the window at the very edge of the screen.

The only temporary solution I found is to exit the program, delete the exportlog and restart Windows. After doing one project and rendering the video, it goes back to the same behavior. Any solution to this?

If you export from Lightroom, Lightroom will write an interface file into the Documents/LRTimelapse folder, which LRTimelapse will then find and process - and open the Export window. After rendering it will delete the file. Make sure that LRTimelapse has write access to the documents folder, maybe a virus scanner is preventing this.
Deleting Documents/LRTimelapse will reset the interface, but if the problem persists, something on your system is blocking LRT from handling the file.
Your diagnostic is spot on. My antivirus program is preventing LRTimelapse from modifying/deleting the export log. The problem is gone after allowing LRTimelapse full read/write access.

Thank you.