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Full Version: Confirm dialog - display only when needed?
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I often get the message shown in the attached screenshot when exporting multiple folders combined with crop animation, and it is a very nice feature to provide this info. Also a very nice feature to be able to export to fixed size, it solved a lot of problems here! :-)

However, is it possible to NOT display this message if the export actually is set up with fixed size (4k, 6k etc)?

if(multipleFolders=true && cropAnimation=true && fixedSize=false) displayMessage();

I often complete a long Lightroom/LRTimelapse work session doing a full export/render of all the sequences that I've edited that evening. Rendering may take a few hours. Next day, I'm curious to see the results, but... all I got was this warning message and no completed video files... because ofcourse, I forgot to wait 5-6 minutes for the export to actually start. So, very often, (I must be very forgetful :-D ) I have to wait another few hours for the export to complete.

Kind regards,
- Jørn
I'll check...
Changed this in 5.0.1. This message will not be displayed anymore, when you have chosen to export with fixed size.