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Full Version: Multiple instances of Volumes appear in browser window in LR 5
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With LRTimelapse 5 open I see multiple instances of the same hard dive volume in the browser window - I have many hard drives connected my a MacPro via USB and the same volume will be listed several times (some up to 30) with a number appended to each instance.

All instances are inactive - clicking on the disclosure triangle makes the triangle go away and I cant see what is on the volume. Internal drives not connected via USB are fine with disclosure triangles working properly, except one in the listing will be active but only by clicking on each instance will I be able to find out which one is active as it seems to be random, i.e the highest numbered instance is not necessarily the active instance. Its almost like aliases are being created.

Any idea what is causing this and how I can get rid of it - I just want to see one instance of a volume. "Delete folder" in the drop down menu does not work I get the alert "ERROR - Could not delete folder"

LRTimelapse gets the list from your OS... I've no idea why this is happening. But you should fix it on OS level...