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Full Version: White balance not ramping; usual fixes didn't work
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Tried editing a hyperlapse from my new DJI Mavic 2 Pro and noticed that after auto transition, white balance values are reset to 5001K, 10 no matter what they were before. All other attributes such as exposure ramp normally. LRT doesn't even see WB as values that change and it hides those columns. The only way to make it work is show the WB columns and manually dial in a value -100 thru 100 (I had to come up with a table for what temperature these values correspond to).

Fixes I've tried:
Upgrading from 4.8.3 to latest version 5 for Mac
Updating DNG converter
Initializing metadata before working with the sequence
Using LR to convert to DNG (even though they were already DNG)

Here is a zip file with 7 of the raw images for testing. These are straight from the drone and have not been changed except for the filenames.

Thanks in advance for your help, Gunther!
With those files you need to manually change the white balance handling in the LRTimelapse Metadata menu via "Change White Balance Handling! Do that and the Whitebalance will be taken over!
The white balance of Mavic and other DJI raw files should now be automatically handled correctly in LRTimelapse 5.0.9 that I've just released. But you will only notice this change with fresh sequences, or you could do "Metadata/Clear Metadata" and then let LRTimelapse reinitialize.