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Full Version: Stuttering Whiteblance where no keyframe or change in exposure is
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So i just bought the program and been using the holy grail wizard. With multiple timelapses i keep getting stuttering in whitebalance even though i kept the same WB throughout the timelapse. At first i figured that it was the keyframe that was the problem but this happens where there is no keyframe and between two images that have identical exposure settings and WB.

Been reseting the timelapse 4 times now and tried everyting that i could find in the FAQ. What else could i try?


Can you post an example video where we could see what you mean? If the white balance has constant values in the table in LRTimelapse, there shouldn't be any "stuttering". Sometimes however, if you edit very heavily in Lightroom, Lightroom might introduce weird contrast changes. But this is only guessing, without seeing your sequence. Put it on a dropbox and share the link, maybe then we can tell you more.

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Thanks for the quick answer!

I've tried using less editing but it still would not work. I have been using my own custom preset that i myself made, could this maybe cause an issue?

I will link a clip within the hour!


Here is the dropbox link, linked both the RAW-files and the edited files. Tried it now without my preset and it still would not work, please help me!

Most likely the red channel is blown on some of those images. This makes the colors shift. See this faq:
What do you mean by ''blown''? The clip does not ''pulsate'' as described in the FAQ it only changes WB from one frame to the other with unknown reason. There is no overexposure and the frame where it bugs is not on a keyframe nor on a camera setting change. It works fine the first 10 frames after the keyframe so why does it not work on here?

I also noticed that it hops back to the right WB at the end of the clip. I will try to send a video of the full timelapse so you understand what i mean!

Thanks for answering!

Here is a video of the timelapse!