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Full Version: Spectrum ST4 + Foolography Unleashed Holy Grail Possible?
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H Again –

Just curious if anyone has used the eMotimo Spectrum ST4 as a 3-axis motion controller rig, and then combined it with this new Foolography Unleashed module:

Can the Unleashed trigger the camera for SMS timelapse using its own implementation of Gunther's magic automated Holy Grail exposure settings? (They list the LRTimelapse HG method as one of the options in their interface) I can see each working independently, but don't understand how the two would sync an SMS sequence correctly.

Currently, I setup my 2-axis timelpases on my Dynamic Perception rig, and it controls the camera moves, plus the intervalometer settings. Fo achieving the Holy Grail, I have to babysit the rig, and change the camera settings manually in between moves, the "old fashioned way" of doing Gunther's Holy Grail method. It works of course, but can get tiresome (and cold!)

How cool it would be if this new Unleashed module could talk to the camera, and the camera could initiate the SMS sequence on the Spectrum ST4. I just don't know how that would work.
For any solution which triggers the camera on its own, you need to set the spectrum to slave mode. You'd need a hot-shoe adapter to do so which you put on the hot shoe of the camera and plug it into the aux port of the spectrum to trigger the movement.
Thank you, Gunther.

I'm still curious if you know, or have tried out this Unleashed device on a Spectrum ST4?
No, I didn't, sorry...
Thanks again for the confirmation. Since I think you know those guys, any chance they could send you a unit to review? Along with many other I imagine, we'd all be interested in your opinions.
I have one here, just didn't have the time yet.