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Full Version: LRT ProTimer free Version 0.93 Camera control without transistor!
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Hello Gunther, hello people,
As announced in my last thread, I found a software solution that makes it possible to control the camera without an additional external transistor.
Especially users with little electronic knowledge had problems in the past to build up the small circuit board with the transistor and the resistor. The procurement of the parts was certainly a small challenge.
I found a software solution that uses the internal transistor of the ATMEGA to trigger the camera. To realize this by software, I switch the port between input and output. While the camera is firing, the port is set to output and the internal transistor triggers the camera. Afterwards, the port is defined as input again and thus the triggering of the camera is stopped again.
By #Define
#define Cam1_ext_HW
// # define Cam1_int_HW
in the version 0.93 it can be selected, whether one wants to use an external transistor or the internal one. This was implemented for both camera ports and can also be used individually.
I tested this feature with 3 different Canon cameras and it worked fine. Since the internal solution corresponds in principle to the external, it should also work with other cameras without problems.

I have attached a PDF with detailed information.
I would be glad, if someone tests this function with other cameras and gives a feedback.
Greetings Hans
It works! Canon 200D here.