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Full Version: Canon EOS R and CR3 RAW not recognised in LRT
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Has anyone tried a time-lapse with the Canon EOS R and the CR3 RAW format ? LRTimelapse doesn't recognise them. I am guessing the work around is to convert all the CR3 RAWs to DNG first?


Hi Levanterman - could you please send me one of those files? Then I'll add direct support. Until then, just use the Adobe DNG Converter to converter them to DNG. Please send the file via wetransfer or to support(at)lrtimelapse(dot)com
Hi Gunther

I've sent a sample CR3 file from the Canon EOS R via WeTransfer.


Hi Nige, afaik CR3 is only for the lossy compressed RAW files. Couldn't you set the camera to write the regular CR2 file? I'd think you could change this by changing the compression setting for the RAW files. Since CR3 unfortunately isn't compatible with CR2 and currently not supported by a library that I use in LRTimelapse, it might take some time to accomplish a full support.
I've managed to add basic support already, which will allow you to process those images in LRT, but will still lack some features like date shift, orientation detection etc. The basic support will be available in LRTimelapse 5.1.0.
For full support, the library that I use would have to support those files.
I've added a feature request here: and provided your sample picture there too, I hope that's okay for you, if not, please send me another sample which I could publish.
LRTimelapse 5.1.0 is ready for download and brings basic support for CR3 files. However, I still recommend using CR2, if possible.
Hi there

Ive been playing around with the EOS R and the RAW and Compressed RAW. If the camera is set to RAW or CRAW both produce a CR3 not a CR2 for the uncompressed RAW.

I took two identical photos, the CR3 RAW = 47.6MB and the CR3 CRAW = 18.5MB

I've sent you the files to your support email, so you can take a look, hopefully they help with any development.


Nige :-)
PS. I'll make a small time-lapse with the EOS-R and let you know who it goes , thanks for the LR update , can't wait to try it :-)
Hi, thanks for sending those files. They are both working with LRT5.1.

Today I made a test time-lapse with the EOS R and LRT 5.1.0 using uncompressed RAW , everything worked perfectly :-) brilliant.


Speaking of... any thoughts/opinions of the eos r as a Timelapse platform? Been using a 6d but have burned it out so looking at 6D mkii or eos r. Appreciate the input.