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Full Version: DNG Converter - Lossy long term quality for still images
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Hi all,

We are now making lots of Timelapses for our Architectural clients. Multiple cameras over the course of multiple days.

Whilst I generally always convert to DNG when importing, I have only just realised the storage space savings of the Lossy conversion.

We often sometimes return to our timelapses to extract particular frames to deliver as still images.

Will i loose any quality from a (say 5dsr or A7rII) file that has been converted to dng with lossy compression as opposed to the original raw file?
If so...what?

Thanks for the help.


With the lossy formats you will loose details in the shadows. If you need a huge dynamic range, I don't recommend doing so. For long term timelapse, it should be fine however, since mostly you won't push the shadows so much when editing.
Thanks Gunther. If that's the case, we'll use them for the daylight cameras, but not the day to night transitions...
These aren't multi week projects, just over the course of 1-2 days. Similiar to the one I posted in the forum recently.

Really appreciate you getting back to me. on this.