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Full Version: Create Composition option doesn't seem to output high resolution
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Hello –

Does anyone know why when I point LRT5 at a project output in 4K and then choose to have it "Create Composition" that the output is decidedly low resolution? I mean, it's _okay_ at 2K (1920px) but I sure would like the option to chose my output compression to be better than this. Maybe I'm simply missing something obvious in the output options? Please see attached file below. That file is *exactly* what LRT5 output from my source images. I have not modified it in any way.

Many thanks in advance,

– Hans
Hi Hans, the composition will be created exactly in the size of your source images. Please double check that they all have the same size!
Yes, I guess I tried to say that (and include a sample output JPEG) but was not clear. LRT5 most certainly does output my images at 4K –just as they are in the source– but as you can see from the output JPEG I attached previously, they are really compressed and "jaggy" (almost like they're not truly 4K, but rather interpolated). Is there any way I can can control the **quality** of the output JPEGs? Because even at 4K, these are borderline unusable for my purposes.
Currently there is no way to control the quality. But where is your sample image? I've never experienced something like that and no other use has reported it yet. So please send one or two sample images. You can send them via email also, to support(at)
Well, I *thought* that I'd included a sample attachment the first time, but I see where I failed. When I view the resulting JPEG from the Create Composition at 100%, I see jaggy edges. I'll simply email the attachments.

Thanks for looking into this, Gunther.

– Hans
I've analyzed this and found that you are right. The final images currently are rendered in half resolution only. This will be fixed in the next update (5.1). Thanks for pointing that out!
Thank you for looking into it. Happy to help!


– Hans