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Full Version: A raw viewer to read raw at video speed ?
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Before putting all my raws into Lrtimelapse, I would like to review them very quickly at the speed of video (24fps at least). I used to use Picasa viewer to do that with the arrow keys, and even though the quality would be very reduced, it would still allow me to remove the bad photos very quickly (the one with bad framing). But the codecs of PIcasa do not work anymore for the 5D Mark IV raw photos ...
Would you guys know any raw viewer for PC that would suit these needs Smile ?
Normally that's the purpose of the LRTimelapse preview. Just open the folder in the LRTimelapse main screen (if images are on the harddrive already, there is no need to import) this will create previews that you can instantly play.
I know but to be honest I don't really like it, I don't find it the most convenient to really quickly view the raws, the preview window is too small, and there is a lot of panels that I don't need at this very moment.
You can make the preview window larger, just by dragging the separator between the table and the foldertree to the right. You can also undock the preview with the icon on the top left of the preview.

From my experience technically there is no way to have full raw previews playing back in video speed. Any software will have to extract the previews from the raws to be able to play them back.