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Full Version: Rendered Videos Don't Match Developed Images
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I upgraded my LRT 4 private licence to LRT 5 last week. I am not new to the interface or workflow of creating a time-lapse movie.

I spent the weekend getting caught up on creating video's from several sequences that I have shot in the past 2 months. I export the sequence from Lightroom using the LRT preset. After rendering the video it does not appear as though the develop settings of the sequence are translated to the finished video. The colour appears to be very flat ... not as flat as the undeveloped RAW files but somewhere between the developed image and the as captured RAW files?

What am I missing?


First of all, you should check, if your development settings apply at all - you can make an easy test for example by desaturating full and see, if the results turn out in black and white. Just to make sure.
If there is some issue with the develop settings not traveling, check this faq:

If they are traveling, and you still experience a different look between the developed images and the video, check this faq:
Thanks Gunter.

The issue was I was viewing the videos with Quicktime. When viewing in VLC the videos appeared as edited.


Hi, I am having the same problem. Quicktime not showing the actual colors and VLC shows them fine.

So... What is the workaround? I want to be able to send files to people or upload to vimeo and have people see the colors I edited in LR.

What is preventing Quicktime from showing the true colors?
Should I be outputting with different settings to get better results?

Thank you,

- Eliot
Again: Quicktime is shit. Use VLC player...

If you've done everything right in the workflow, the colors with a decent player and on the web should be fine.