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Full Version: UI tweak: making progress of visual deflicker a bit easier to follow
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When visual deflicker is happening, the green bar below the preview window has small blank bits to indicate which frames are being deflickered. They're not always easy to see, especially if the frame being deflickered is not close to any other frames being deflickered.

What about, instead of a small blank bit in the green bar, you make the frames being deflickered a contrasting colour and extend them below the green bar 20 pixels or so?

It's a very small thing, but it would make the progress of visual deflickering easier to follow.

These are the things you think of when deflickering long sequences :-)


Hi Chas, that's a good idea, I will make some changes in the next version in order to make the status more visible.

PS: Do you know, that with the LRT Pro you won't ever have to wait for deflickering again? You can just change to the next sequence and let LRT Pro do the whole deflickering as a background task while continuing working. Check the bottommost tutorial on
Happy to help, and thanks for the reminder about background deflickering with Pro (which, happily, I already have). I sometimes use that ability, but often I want to monitor the process and so I only deflicker one sequence at a time.

That tutorial you point to was a revelation for me when I found it, so much time saved, thanks!

Your suggestion of background deflickering does bring up the question: if the deflickering process usually maxes out CPU cores, how does LRT balance the need for processing power if deflickering is happening in the background, but I'm working on a different sequence at the same time?


Hi Chas, in terms of background processing, you just need to try it. Normally you should be good to go with the default settings. If you find that your computer lags while the background processes run, you can decrease the number of threads in the expert settings.
very helpful info, many thanks (sorry to take so long to reply).