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Full Version: Which ND filter to start with?
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How many stops is it best to get?

It seems a lot of articles talk about 10-stop reduction ND filters but those seem to reduce shutter speeds to as much as 2 seconds in the brightest sunlight and even longer when the sun is blocked by some clouds or it’s later in the day, not dusk but when the shadows are long.

Seems like it would make for long shooting times.

I’m anticipating mostly shooting landscapes, with some cars in the distance. Maybe some skylines at some point as well.

Is there a “universal” ND filter which works best in most situations or should I plan to end up with several of them eventually?
Mostly we use the 1000x (10 Stops) at daytime, especially with fast lenses. The next step would be 64x (6 Stops). I always have those two plus the 8x (3 Stops) filter in my bag and use them according to my needs.
How about for F4 lenses?

I do have a 20mm F1.8 but not sure if wide angle is the best option?

Also noticed it appear the 6-stop filters are more expensive than the 10-stop filters, about double the price in some cases, for the same brand.
Wide angle is a good choice for landscape timelapse.

Compared to the B&W the following
filter set from Haida is much cheaper but a good alternative:
In this set you have all the stops mentioned by Gunther in his reply.

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That Haida set is interesting.

Says it's multi coated.

The B&W filter I was looking at was single-coated but they also claim "Single coated to prevent internal ghosting and reflections"

Yet of course their own MRC filter costs about 50% more.

Meanwhile their multi coated filter description says:

"Multicoated to prevent internal ghosting and reflections"

Anyone run into problems with ghosting and reflections on ND filters?
Get the Haida Pro MC filters. IMHO it's the best filters you can get and for a reasonably price. The coating and color neutrality is excellent.
Thanks, I ordered from B&H, a little cheaper than Amazon and not a lot more than a single B&W filter.
The name seems slightly different and I hope this is the MC version of the filters which Gunther and I have mentioned.

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@wco81 that's the old filters, not the nano coated ones. The old filters are also good and I worked with them for years - but the new NanoPro MC ones are even better, it's these:
Ah it looks like that NanoPro set isn’t available at B&H.

Oh well.