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Full Version: qDslrDAshboard ("ControlMyCamera") eliminating RAW exposure?
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CONUNDRUM: I purchased and installed the new "ControlMyCamera" on my iPad and it initially worked much better than with my older, android device. Connecting wirelessly. That part works too

Am using a Sony a7sII, set to expose a small JPEG and a RAW exposure. When shooting without "CONTROLMYCAMERA," the exposures work just like they should with this camera.

However, when shooting a HOLY GRAIL sequence as controlled by ControlMyCamera, everything worked great except, when I looked at the card, only JPEGS could be found, no RAW exposures!

I tried controlling exposures with the LRTIMELAPSE module of ControlMyCamera, a second time, to check, and it has done it again.

This is a real mystery to me.

Any ideas?

If I can solve this issue, the new IOS version of qDslrDashboard is awesome!

After you established the connection from CMC with the camera you must enter in the 'Smart remote control' settings and there set the image format to RAW+JPG.
Thanks. That does it. Hope others see this so they can deal with the issue.